Whenever I try to stay in touch
Something always seems to come up
Isn’t it funny how life is

When the people who mean the most
Friends and family that you’d like to keep close
Are never the ones you spend any time with

There's a cold winter coming soon
It’s a long wait till the middle of June
Gotta go back where we belong
Cause restless hearts can’t wait too long

One Day, One of these nights
Under these New England Skies
You and I might look up and wonder
Wonder what it’d be like
To be living a more Rock n Roll life
Somewhere out in California

Did you ever feel like we’d missed the bus
That maybe it might just
Carry on with or with out us
Maybe we can try to catch up
Or just be stuck in this same old rut
With almost nothing left to discuss

I feel like the sun out there is shining
And maybe we can grab a piece
Of that dream, of that light
We’ll give up everything we’ve got
With no excuses if we make it or not
If we’re together it’ll be all right, it'll be alright yeah

One Day, One of these nights
We’ll be living that Rock n Roll life
Somewhere out in California