Preview the New acoustic EP 'Heartburn'!

Preview the New acoustic EP 'Heartburn'!

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Chris James is a singer-songwriter-producer from Portland Maine, now based in the San Francisco Bay Area.
He has released multiple albums and performs extensively as a solo artist as well as with the bands Chris James & The Showdowns and Small Change Romeos.
His new, intimate, and reflective solo acoustic album: "Heartburn" is AVAILABLE NOW!

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BOOM BOOM BOOM, 1601 Fillmore, San Francisco, CA

Venue Phone Number: 415-673-8000
Truly one of our favorite venues in SF to perform...Please come join us for a FREE night of unbridled, live, roots rock n' roll!

Opening for the band Ooh!

Description: "Underground Rock 'n Roll is what these guys purvey. Musically, everything they love personally, comes out collectively as they perform, playing original psychedelic Rock N' Roll music, with dashes of Funk, Metal, Industrial, and Electro..."